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Health IT - Animated Videos for Digital Patient Engagement

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Medical Scheduling and Workforce Management Software.

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Whiteboard Explainer Video that is used to explain life insurance

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A fun Character Cut-Out Video used to explain a medical software platform.

Using animated videos to explain ongoing advice for patients.

Benefits of Animated Video for the health industry:

Using animated videos to explain complex procedures to patients ...

  • Surgical procedures
  • Explaining diagnosis
  • How to do certain follow up tasks-such as with asthma exercises etc.

Using videos to explain ongoing advice for patients as they can be ...

  • Easily accessible
  • Sent to cell phones
  • Available online
  • Available through bedside infotainment units
  • Viewable at patient leisure - as staff are not needed to be there for them to be watched
  • Can be accessed through digital touchscreens throughout departments/hospitals etc.

Effective means of communication for all ages patients.

Can be used for elderly and children whom traditionally require a different communication style to be effective for them - this is not the case for the animated videos.

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Bell Media Explainer Video Process ...

animated explainer video steps
animated explainer video steps