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BellME Free Call System

  • Superior call quality
  • Call logs and tracking
  • Untimed call credits
  • FREE Web presenter

BellME™, click to free call

Features and benefits:
  • Untimed call credits from fixed lines, international & Mobile phones (AU, US, UK, CA, NZ only)
  • Crystal clear high quality phone calls based on traditional fixed line technology NOT VoiP.
  • Free calls for your clients or potential customers.
  • No contracts. You may cancel at anytime with no penalties, or fees.
  • Call logs. Find out exactly which pages your calls are being made from
  • Simple to install & configure. 1 line of code & easy to use control panel
  • Trading hours. Email notification if someone calls after office hours
  • FREE web video presenter to explain the free call to your visitors
bellme click to free call popup

Give your customers more options

Mobile phone use has skyrocketed over the past few years due largely to the new generation of smartphones like the iPhone and Googles Android. Calling Toll Free numbers from Mobile phones in most cases are NOT a free call and both the business and the caller are being charged.

2008-2009 BellME Calls
28% - Mobile Phone
72% - landline / Fixed
2009-2010 BellME Calls
43% - Mobile Phone
57% - landline / Fixed
2011-2012 BellME Calls
52% - Mobile Phone
48% - landline / Fixed
2012-2013 BellME Calls
56% - Mobile Phone
44% - landline / Fixed

Click to free call is a great way for Mobile phone users to simply and easily call your business for free. A combination of the BellME click to free call, Toll-Free number and Email will ensure you will never miss an opportunity to stay in contact with customers or those all important potential NEW customers.

Find out which pages are converting into phone calls

Using the BellME free call button call logs section you can easily see in real-time which of your website pages are converting into phone calls. There is no other technology besides click to free call that will allow you to do this.

bellme call logs

Determining which pages your calls are coming from is extremely valuable marketing information which can be used to optimise popular "call converting" web pages to help maximise or even increase sales.

The BellME™ free call button also has other advanced statistic capabilities including Button Stats section, which will track in real-time views and visitors viewing the webpage your click to call button is on.

In addition there is another popular option which will redirect successful phone calls to a thank-you page on your website where you can add google analytics to track calls or add a web poll /survey to get feedback from a caller.

The BellME™ untimed call credit charging system

The BellME™ click to free call service uses a unique prepaid untimed call credits system. There are no monthly contracts, and call credits are valid for 12 months. You may cancel at anytime without paying any cancellation fees.

1 credit = 1 call for landlines/fixed lines, and 2 credits = 1 call for mobile phones. Whether you are calling from a Mobile phone, international or a fixed line. Credits are untimed, meaning if you speak for 30 seconds or 30 minutes the cost is always the flat rate credit rate.

Credits are deducted for incoming calls only, your customer or visitor using your BellME free call facility will never be charged.

PLEASE NOTE: This service is only available for business use, NOT FOR PERSONAL USE to call friends and family.

Free web video presenters!

Included in the the BellME™ click to free call packages is your choice of a free web video presenter that explains how to use the BellME free call button to your customers and to encourage visitors to phone. Bell Media is the only company in the world to offer this feature.

There are dozens of actors to choose from. Please click on a photo below for a video preview.

Free Web presenters (Australian)

To preview the free web presenters you may choose from for the BellME click to call packages simply click on the picture below and the video will play bottom left.


Free Video Spokespeople (USA)

The videos below are American spokespeople which you can use free with our click to call packages. This option is fantastic for those companies with muliple locations around the world. Click on the photos to preview the website videos.

Kimberly Bikini
Lorraine bikini

Richard Patriquin